Creating Miracles

Let's talk for a moment about creating miracles.

I never used to think that I was part of the equation in generating miracles.  But that miracles just happened as God felt fit to grant them.  How wrong I was. 

Not only am I part of the creating of miracles, but I am a HUGE part of the fruition of miracles....and so are you.

Let's see if I illuminate what is resonating in my soul this morning. 

Step 1.  You have a need, a desire, a goal

...Simple enough.

"You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get." - Michael Phelps, Most Decorated Olympic Medalist Ever

That happens every day, we desire, we have needs and we have goals.  We create everyday.  I remember a friend telling me a long time ago that miracles every day, some days I would have to look a little harder to see them but they were there.  I have been reminded 30 years later how true that is.

So we all have a need or a desire.   

For example, I have a desire to have all of my family together in our home, playing, singing, eating, healing.  That includes all 6 of our kids and our grandbabies and spouses.  My soul yearns for this day.  

I also have a desire to be completely out of debt. 

 I have a desire to have a new car...actually this may seem extravagant or even a little selfish, but I have a desire to have a fun drive around everyday car AND a family outings car. 

 I have a desire to help others make life changing discoveries so they can soar with their dreams. 

Ok you get the picture.  I have some big desires, as I am sure you do as well.  so step 1--is simply recognize the need  or desire.

Step 2.  Visualize it.  

Really see it happening and you in the midst of it. This is fun!  I've been saying for years DARE TO DREAM!  It's really fun.  Let go of the fear of disappointment from expectations.  That's not what this is about. 

This is about YOUR DREAM!  YOUR HEART!  "A dream is a wish your heart makes."--Disney's Cinderella

Step 3.  Write it down.  

In "The Magnolia Story" the autobiography of Chip and Joanna Gaines,  they talk about how Joanna has a notebook of some kind where she writes her ideas, she sketches them out and makes the vision in her head take shape on paper.  They say that every time she has done this, watch out because it becomes reality. 

I don't know about you, but I want that super power!

So how do we get that superpower?  Gratitude and trust.

Step 4.  Write down a journal entry in gratitude as if it's already happened. 

what would it feel like when it has happened?  Everything has turned out exactly the way you've envisioned it.  

How would it feel?

Now write in a journal as if it's already happened with all the gratitude you can feel.  

Step 5.  Trust.

For me this is the hard part.  This is where doubts and fears tend to take over.  A lot of times its because it may not happen right away, or even things sometimes get worse before they get better.  Which is not fun in the least. 

BUT. It’s up to us to trust even when and maybe ESPECIALLY when there is so much turmoil around us.

Like Peter walking on water. He could totally do it!  He saw Christ walking on water and said call me to you so I can come walk on water too.  Christ said come.  He got out of the boat and walked!  He did it!  But the problem came when the storms blew on around him.  He walked on water, created that miracle, UNTIL he focused on the storm and not “The Way”.

We had a pretty big miracle happen in our home this summer.  The beginning of healing hearts and mending relationships long torn apart by lies and deceit.  The opportunity for the door to be opened came but then anger and fear and all of the pent up emotions on both sides came crashing in.  Like waves in the middle of an angry stormy sea.  For a moment it looked like all hope for healing was gone.  But then, both parties were able to stop.  Breathe.  Look at the desire, "The Way" and not the opposition, and a conversation of healing, love and forgiveness was born. 


Sometimes, our visions and goals rely on other people complying.  We can't control others.  But we can pray for softened hearts, including our own.  And continuing to trust...have we do, vibrations will align and miracles will happen. 

We can't lose hope.  We can't lose trust.

We must focus our thoughts on our vision and flood our hearts with gratitude for it coming to fruition.  And for gratitude for all of the opportunities for lessons learned along the way. 


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