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Creating Miracles

Let's talk for a moment about creating miracles. I never used to think that I was part of the equation in generating miracles.  But that miracles just happened as God felt fit to grant them.  How wrong I was.  Not only am I part of the creating of miracles, but I am a HUGE part of the fruition of miracles....and so are you. Let's see if I illuminate what is resonating in my soul this morning.  Step 1.  You have a need, a desire, a goal ...Simple enough. " You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get. " - Michael Phelps, Most Decorated Olympic Medalist Ever That happens every day, we desire, we have needs and we have goals.  We create everyday.  I remember a friend telling me a long time ago that miracles every day, some days I would have to look a little harder to see them but they were there.  I have been reminded 30 years later how true that is. So we all have a need or a desire.    For example, I have a desire to have all

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