Pheonix Rising from the Ashes

I feel like a RISING PHEONIX.  Within 6 months I totaled my car...

and I shattered my elbow

And I'm not going to lie...
my spirit was broken.  I retreated to work on my heart, home and spirit. It's been a journey.  I've read and listened to many many books.  Which I am super excited to begin sharing my learning.  

I am currently reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Today's quote is 

"A BURNING DESIRE TO BE, AND TO DO is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off.  Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition."--Napoleon Hill

Ready to dive into my thoughts and learning?   
oooh...that's a frightening thought.  But let's go!

What is a BURNING DESIRE?  Do I have a BURNING DESIRE?  What is it?  What do I want?  Is it safe for me to DREAM?  I want to be a dreamer!  I want to make my dreams come true!  Can anything stop me?


A BURNING DESIRE is something you want with all your being.  Something you would do anything to obtain.  This is the starting point of creating the realization of your dreams.   

To develop a burning desire, there has to be an emotional connection.  

4 Steps to realizing your DREAMS 

1.  DREAM:  What do you want?  Identify what you want...and let it become a BURNING                 DESIRE
2.  FEEL:  How will it feel when you receive it?  
3.  ACT:  Take action.  Just keep moving forward.
4.  BELIEVE:  Let go of any doubt.  And if doubt creeps in just say, 
            "I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE."

Ok!  So great!  But what do you do when you feel like the world is against you?  You feel beat up, and like everything you try fails?   

YOU KEEP GOING!  Like Dory from Finding Nemo says...

And how do you do that?  Well about 8 months ago, I discovered I could really CHOOSE how I felt.  How I react?  I get to CHOOSE.

So when doubt and fear and worry creep in....I simply say...


And that simple statement has changed my life.  I feel empowered and more peace than I've fel for a long time.  Things still aren't easy.  I have days where I feel the weight of the world.  But I simply say "I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE".   And then I look at what's going right.  I invite you to TRY IT!!

Cause, you know what?   WE'VE GOT THIS!!!

If you want to dive deep and activate your best self.  
Come work with me...I have an amazing offer this week...


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