Stuck in Fear?

Let's Talk FEAR.

Is your subconscious controlling you?

Are you wanting to create new patterns but you're feeling like this?

Scared Horror GIF

That is exactly what's been going on with me.  

And my self-talk (the words you say to yourself in your mind)
Sounds a lot like, "what's wrong with me" "why can't I get ahead" 
OR and even more frustrating
"I've got this""I'm totally going to...." and then I make commitments to myself and even others but I stay stuck.  I make up excuses, I blame others or circumstances and nothing changes.  I stay stuck.  

Does this sound familiar?

So then I decided it was time for me to dive deeper and figure out what was stopping me.  And what did I find?


Pure and simple....well, maybe not simple. Because, really, is FEAR ever simple?  

So what was I scared of?  The boogieman wasn't lurking in the corner or a monster under the bed...what kind of fear can keep me seemingly paralyzed when I want to much to get up and live joyfully, giving all I have to give?

I think it comes down to 3 kinds of fears. Which one is stopping you?  

1.  Fear of failing
2.  Fear of success
3.  Fear of judgment

Behind each of them is a whole lot of false beliefs and stories running, but that's another blog for another day.

I realized that my biggest fear is FEAR OF JUDGMENT.

And the judgment if I fail or if I succeed, but mostly, from well meaning friends and family who have criticized me for little things when I have tried something new, like social media posts.  And I have found myself, shutting down and hiding.  

But here's the problem, I know deep inside me that I have something to give to the world in a larger way than I have been.  And I feel somewhat guilty that I'm not helping more people.  What is the easiest way to reach more people? media and what happens when I think about making a post and a plan?

I totally freak out!  My insides are in knots and my heart beats faster and I want to scream!  I feel like this...

Scared Classic Film GIF by Shudder

So...I stay stuck and I don't move forward.  And that is called the 

Comfort Zone

And nothing gets done.  I stay the same, which leads to insanity.  HA!

So what do you do?  You go through it.  You realize that nothing is coming to get you.  You may use positive affirmations and find support buddies who you trust to have your back and you move forward.  You just 

wish you could hear my husband's call to action/motto (I'll share it next time)

And here's what's amazing!  "There is magic on the other side of fear".

So here I go!  I'm going to do it!  Look for more posts from me...but first and foremost, I'm diving into TikTok.  Find me there!  

Here's an interview I did a couple of years ago with olympian Kristen Ulmer about her book, "The Art of Fear".  

I'd love to hear from you to see what's holding you back from accomplishing your goals and dreams.  Even more, I'd love to coach you through them.  The power of a good coach and energy on your side will create results you are desperately seeking.  I'd love to be that coach!

And as always I'm sending you love and light and a whole lot of courage so you can make your dreams come true.  💝


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